February, 2012

The Middle East

Territories of the Middle East form the region, where the earliest civilizations have been developing. In 100 century BC the groups of ancient farmers and hunters lived around the areas from Persian Gulf to the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and Egypt.  Soon, these settlements formed the most advanced early human civilizations: the Shumarians, the Assirians, the Babylonians, and later (more…)

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Internet Marketing

Two decades ago, Internet entered the majority of houses and offices around the world. It opened a huge number of new opportunities for everybody and became the easiest and fastest way to obtain any sort of information. That is why the importance of Internet marketing and promotion of the goods or services is obvious, and nowadays such a new development of promotion as online marketing is (more…)

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Children In Sudan: By Jamera Rone

Another book on children’s welfare was written on the topic of children’s welfare in Sudan. It is about those children’s who are living at the streets and are the slaves and those children who are recruited in the armed forces of the country. In Sudan due to many reasons the children’s recruitment in the armed forces is a very common thing. These children are directly involved in the conflicts (more…)

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The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Almost since the very beginning of the World War II, Poland went completely under control of German Army. About 3 millions of Jewish people were collected in this country in special ghettos and concentration camps, located all around the territory. The Warsaw Ghetto was established in 1940 and became the largest and the most crowded ghetto, which held from 380,000 up to 450,000 Jewish prisoners. (more…)

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