Three Things You Must Consider When Selecting a Real Estate Agent to Represent You

What you get in an agent is not just a what does it cost me type of mentality. As with any professional that you would consider hiring, they should make or save you far more money than they should ever cost you. So I would recommend several key things to look for in any professional. #1 The testimonials of previous agents, nobody likes to “Take a chance on” or “Put their money on” a professional when they have no proof of what they are getting.

So be sure they have testimonials, in fact video testimonials are the best! #2 Make sure they have a complete and well thought out plan of action for marketing, and when I say marketing they should be as adept at marketing their services as they are and marketing your home.

It goes without saying that if an agent cannot market themselves well, how much better would they do in marketing your house? #3 Be sure they are invested in the local market, if they have little or no attachment to a specific region or area of your city or town then chances are they are not truly successful and are taking deals where they can get them and letting the business drive them all over the map. Not what we need, we need a consummate professional who can market, negotiate, and complete the tasks at hand! There are certainly more things than just these three to consider, and so I have put together a series of brief videos explaining everything we do, and don’t do…

and why. There also is included in this site Free access to all the listings both current and sold, and tips and tricks to help you maximize your homes equity. Most homes today sell for about 5% of their asking price, and the homes that are in fantastic condition or show extremely well will sell faster, and for higher prices. We have started to see multiple offers again on the homes that are in remarkable condition. Which usually means that we settle escrow at or above list price. Don’t ever be worried about under pricing a house, the market in those situations will bid up the house to the correct market sale price. Most homeowners I know have a fear of Real Estate agents, and that is because over 85% of them do little or no business. On my site you will find out why the top 6% of the agents today are doing nearly 80% of the business in the market place. JP Reay – EXIT Beach Cities Realty DRE#01898485 – (714) 584-0247 – Helping Sellers and Buyers get the best value for their money!

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