Dallas Real Estate Is Affordable and Desirable

As the ninth-largest city in the country, Dallas is a certainly a hub of activity. As a result, Dallas real estate is also a busy market.

The Dallas-Forth Worth area is a highly desirable place to live, not only for its picturesque location and pleasant climate, but because Dallas is the financial hub of the southwest and many important businesses and companies are based there. With a number of technology, manufacturing, and service organizations based in Dallas, employees of these companies are always looking for Dallas homes for sale. With so many fantastic choices, it is a good idea to secure the services of a reliable Dallas real estate agent to help you properly navigate the market and find the property that is right for you.

From gated communities to lakefront homes, Dallas homes for sale are considered to be some of the most beautiful in the country, and also some of the most affordable. Many people flock to live in Dallas because of its excellent communities, strong school systems, and proximity to thriving businesses and corporations. According to the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, the median home price in Dallas is just $162,800, and to qualify to purchase a home, the buyer’s required income is $32,800. The median family income in Dallas in 2010 was $68,300 – which means that even though the homes in Dallas are big and beautiful, most people can still afford to purchase Dallas homes for sale. For employees of some of Dallas’ biggest businesses, there is no shortage of quality Dallas homes for sale to choose from.

Even if you decided not to live in Dallas itself, nearby Fort Worth is also a great place to settle down. The median home price there, according to the Real Estate Center, is just $115,000 with a typical required income at around $23,000 to qualify for a mortgage. Recreation activities in the Dallas and Forth Worth area are also plentiful. There is a multitude of activities for kids, which is a good thing for children and parents alike. From zoos, museums, and aquariums to more laid back things to do like visiting parks and playgrounds, children have no shortage of fun in the Dallas area. For adults, there is an excellent nightlife, top-notch restaurants, bars, abundant shopping, and more. Why wouldn’t you want to live in Dallas? To get started on your Dallas home search, contact a Dallas real estate agent today and find the home of your dreams. Timothy Jordan enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics and is in expert in fields like business, real estate, and technology.

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