Top Yucatan Real Estate Options

When we think of life on the Yucatan Peninsula, a variety of features come to mind – beaches, nature, ruins, colonial cities, etc. The good news is that excellent Yucatan real estate options are available allowing you to enjoy a combination of these features as part of day to day life.

Three very good options to consider are Cancun real estate, Merida real estate and Cozumel real estate. Cancun – Beachfront Resort Lifestyle Cancun is probably the Yucatan’s most famous vacation and real estate location.

The most popular option is the high-rise condos on the beachfront of the city’s hotel zone. These condos offer spectacular views of the famous white beaches with the turquoise water of the Caribbean beyond. They also offer a very modern lifestyle with beach clubs, gyms, roof-top patios with pools, modern shopping centers, large-screen movie theaters, golf courses and much more. Cancun is also home to the area’s best-connected airport making it easy to and from your new beachfront paradise home.

Cancun also offers some excellent options in the downtown area. These include fixer-upper homes and condos that are all within walking distance to cafes, shops, malls, restaurants and many other amenities. Downtown offers more of a small-city lifestyle. Most of the same modern services are downtown. The beaches are about a 15-20 minute drive away. Whichever part of Cancun you choose, you’ll be within close access to the Yucatan’s history and nature. Merida – Colonial Charm & Culture The city of Merida is currently the largest in the Yucatan area and it has Mexico’s second largest colonial city center. The straight, narrow streets of the city center run past charming old buildings with spectacular architecture.

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