How to Deal With Tough Real Estate Negotiators

Very important post today. There are two types of negotiators in the world.

Most of us fall into the 85% category… and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a good place to be… but there’s 15% of the population who are hell-bent on getting what they want, at all costs.

I call them “lone wolves”. They are tough, hard-edged, difficult. They yell, scream and pound the table. It may be an act and it may not be an act. They want to win at all costs, they’re not interested in being your friend, they just want whatever you have and they’re going to use any strategy, any means to get it.

They don’t care. Have you ever met that guy? Here’s the thing. I can be that guy. And you need to be able to be “that guy” as well when you meet him at the negotiating table. They are not interested in win-win, long-term relationship, let’s be friends and all those feel-good tactics that are so popular in the self-help section of the bookstore. In fact, you lose respect the moment you even hint at these sort of plays in your strategy.

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