Get Rich and Wealthy With Real Estate, a Time Honoured Solution

Real Estate as an asset class is one of the oldest and best ways to create real wealth for individuals and their families. Throughout the ages people who have invested in real estate whether it be land or properties have generally been in the wealthiest classes.

It is a great store of wealth even if you have generated your money elsewhere and many of the rich on various rich lists around the world have a recurring theme, that they have made their money or have money in real estate. The best things about real estate are: 1. Leverage, generally the deposit needed to buy land and or the property that sits on the land is 10%-20%, so that means if you have a $100,000 property you put down $10,000 or $20,000 to buy that property and borrow the rest from the bank.

This means that if the property increases in value by doubling over the lifetime of the mortgage (borrowed money to buy that property), typically 25 or 30 years, the $10,000 initially put down has now turned into $100,000, because the property can be sold for $200,000 minus the initial deposit and paid the $90,000 borrowed back leaves you with $100,000 plus your initial $10,000. This is even better if someone rents the property from you covering the mortgage payments. 2. People need homes. Unlike other asset classes like stocks and shares people always need somewhere to live, ‘shelter’. This will always be the case.

3. Supply Limitations. Especially in good areas around good schools and transportation links there is often a limited supply of properties built. Although we can build upwards with taller properties, there will always be people who want to live in houses and have garden outdoor space and will pay a premium to do so. There is the old saying ‘they aren’t building more land’ which is a good one as apart from a few more land reclamation projects it is very difficult to actually ‘create’ more land affordably in many areas of the world. Of course there is the downside of the fact that property can fall in value, but this is usually a shorter term problem with property generally rising world wide over the longer term. It is also more likely to rise in the long term due to general inflation in the economy making prices rise and the value of the dollar in your pocket fall, just think what a dollar could buy you even ten years ago as opposed to what it can buy you now.

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