A Review of Appian Escrow

Opening the company doors in 1988, Appian Escrow has become one of Riverside’s top escrow companies. Offering excellent online resources, such as links to 3rd party companies that will be important in the home buying and selling process, Appian Escrow also offers their clients the ability to open escrow online, saving time for agents and for sale by owner clients alike. It is obvious that Appian Escrow is most interested in making their clients feel secure in the services that they provide.

We can see this by the way they offer a list of compliances that they follow, which makes us feel more confident in the company that we are trusting with our money. For those of you that are still not clear as to what an escrow company is, let me try to explain it a little more clearly.

Essentially, and escrow company, such as Appian Escrow, is a neutral third party that handles the closing processes of a real estate transaction, typically between one buyer and one seller. This type of process ensures that there will not be a conflict of interests between the buyer and the seller. There are a couple of things that any person looking to do business with an escrow company should take into account. With our world moving more and more onto the world wide web, there are many companies that are offering totally online escrow services. While I understand the importance of the convenience of online services, it is extremely easy to make a website and publish content on that site.

For instance. I am a real estate agent, and I was able to publish this site with no code knowledge whatsoever. Companies like Appian Escrow that have an actual building that you can walk into and interact with a real person inside of make me feel more confident in the integrity of the company that I am going to be doing business with. Remember, in most cases when you are dealing with real estate, you are going to be trusting your escrow company with a lot of money at one time. You want to make sure that this company is reputable, and will offer the fiduciary-like integrity that your agent has been offering you throughout the home buying or home selling process. There are different types of escrows, such as commercial escrow, residential escrow, and land escrow. One feature that Appian Escrow is currently working on is their for sale by owner escrow online services. There is not much information available online regarding this service as of right now, but I will continue to check back on their website and see what it is that they can offer for sale by owner customers.

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