Objecting To A Compulsory Purchase Order With A Chartered Surveyor

In the United Kingdom the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) has been the source of much contention with the order allowing particular bodies to purchase land without the consent of the owner. CPO objection has often been something ignored by those suffering from such upheaval and interference but CPO Objection with the aid of professional, experienced and knowledge bodies such as chartered surveyors, can certainly bring greater compulsory purchase compensation. CPO objection is managed by a range of firms including chartered surveyors and solicitors, who will aid you with issues ranging from notice to treat, part 1 claims and ensuring you receive maximum and fair compulsory purchase compensation not only merely restricted to the costs of the land and property, but also taking into account issues including relocation expenses and additional payments. The CPO objection will be made through an appeal to the High Courts and seeking the professional help will place you in a far stronger position to maximise your compulsory order compensation.

When might you find yourself having to be faced with needing to raise a CPO Objection and seeking compensation? Examples include when Local Authorities are seeking to expand on current shopping centres, construct motorways, railways networks or airports etc. Should you hold land in the way of such projects but refuse to sell, a CPO may be sought by the authorities who must prove that the compulsory purchase is legal, right and necessary as well as being in the interest and for the benefit of the public.

The favour tends to lie in the hands of the authority but it is a legal right of an individual to object to a compulsory purchase order. When it is decided to object to CPO the individual concerned can seek the help of professionals which include chartered surveyors who can act on their behalf to raise the compulsory purchase compensation or seek amended to the CPO. These professional bodies have a wide range of experience dealing with CPO objections and their knowledge of the situation will be in depth and vast and they will ensure you receive maximum compulsory purchase compensation. They will negotiate on your behalf and look in depth at details related to your CPO objection to raise this compensation including issues relating to the actual value of your property, costs you may incur from moving, costs of acquiring suitable new property, sentimental value to the land and even additional payments which otherwise would not have been issued without the CPO objection.

The chartered surveyor, or indeed solicitor, you may enlist to aid you in your quest to defend your CPO objection will of course require payment but the increase in the compulsory purchase you will receive for this will easily offset the cost of aid. You do need to act very quickly if you wish to object to a CPO as once a notice to treat is issued this must be returned within a month. A notice to treat is issued by the authorities interested in acquiring the land in question and the land owner is required to, within a period of one month, issue full and complicated calculations of the amount of compulsory compensation required. This is when the professionalism, expertise and knowledge of the chartered surveyor can aid you is maximising your objection to a compulsory purchase order. In essence then, your overall compulsory purchase compensation issued as a result of your decision to both object to a compulsory purchase order and enlist the assistance of a chartered surveyor will ensure you are more fairly compensated for having been forced to sell your land. For help and advice with gaining compulsory purchase compensation speak with Mackenzie Associates who can offer expert support to help you make a successful CPO objection or Part 1 claim.

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