Tipping Your Doormen Around The Holidays

Tipping your doorman during the holiday season can be a great way to thank him for his great service during the year. It can also be a motivator for him to continue his level of service into the next year. However, tipping is a personal choice and some believe it to be unnecessary.

Whether you believe in tipping your doorman or not, it is your choice. But obviously there are pros and cons to your decision. Weighing them against each other will help you determine if you want to give a tip and how much you want to provide. Many who tip their doorman at the holidays look at it as a payment for future service not for the services provided in the past year.

They believe the tip is a payment for continued service on an ongoing basis that they want to make sure is delivered to them and at the same level as in the past. If the tip is good, the doorman may be motivated to provide even better service over the next year in anticipation of a great reward at the holiday. However, the amount of the tip has many influential factors including the number of doormen in your building, the level of service provided, and the building type and location. If you are in a building that has a more elaborate tipping policy built into the management contract then you don’t have to worry. However, if you are new to your building and it is not built into the contract, it is best to inquire what the average tip is for the doorman during the holidays. There are tenants who, in addition to a standard tip, give a gift to the doorman at the holidays as well.

This is acceptable and is not discouraged. This can actually be a great incentive for exceptional service in the upcoming year. Knowing the average tip for your building is the key to ensuring you tip appropriately, though really there is no tip that is too high or too low. Any tip should be appreciated and seen as a gift of thanks for services provided. Holidays are a special time for all and being generous with your tip is always appreciated. Though obviously tipping is your choice, don’t be afraid to show your gratitude to your doorman and give him a tip at the holidays. It can be a wonderful gesture to show that you are thankful for his service and make him feel appreciated. Ted Davidson has been blogging about tipping doormen during the holidays for the previous three years. In addition, he takes pleasure in contributing information with respect to NYC neighborhoods, including Canarsie apartments and Cobble Hill real estate.

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