Turning Trash Into Cash: Flipping Code Violation Properties

If you’re reading this article maybe you are considering getting into the profitable world of real estate investments. Or maybe you have been in the business a few years and are looking for an additional way to find great deals from Highly Motivated sellers without all the competition of REO’s, Absentee Owners, Foreclosures, and a long list of other strategies. I too was tired of chasing deals that hit a dead end after other buyers “beat me to the punch.” I sat down and wrote out on a piece of paper every single niche in the world of Real Estate that “gurus” teach you to go after to find Motivated Sellers.

The problem I faced is that over 90% of these niches are “mainstream niches.” In other words, every investor and their Grandma was going after these same seller sources and lists. However, I did discover a few niches in which Nobody was going after.

I’d like to share with you what that niche is, why nobody is doing it, and how you can learn to add this strategy to your business and Dominate your local market. The niche I am referring to as you saw in the title of this article is Code Violations. You may have heard of this niche before, but I guarantee you don’t know how or where to get the information you need in order to target these Motivated Sellers like a laser beam. There is a wrong way and a right way to do it. Why is it that most investors do NOT know how to target these sellers? The answer is because nobody ever taught them how to!

In other words, there is NO course that teaches you from A to Z how to dig up these highly profitable leads and turn them into an avalanche of cash quickly. In this article I am going to tell you exactly what a Code Violation lead is, and why these are without a doubt the most MOTIVATED sellers you will EVER deal with in the history of your investment career. With REO’s and other deals you are constantly competing with Retail buyers who can afford to offer much more for a property than you as an investor can. Let’s face it, as an investor you have to get properties at HUGE discounts in order to make a profit. With Code Violations you literally ELIMINATE Retail buyers from the equation altogether. What does a Code Violation Lead look like? It’s pretty simple really.

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