What Can Resident Portal Do For Tenants?

Resident Portal is not for landlords although it is a good device that every landlord must have. With it landlords can provide their tenants with a system they can access where they can monitor their transactions and be easily informed about important announcements in the community.

This device allows tenants to do their obligations conveniently. Firstly, resident portal lets tenants pay their rent online with the use of their credit card or electronic check.

Whether they prefer recurring or one-time payment, they can do so without any problem at any time and on any day. Also, because the system carries with it check scanning, payments made by check or money order may immediately be processed. There is no need for the landlord to go to the bank like before thereby saving both tenants and landlords their time and money from travel. Besides their monthly dues, tenants may also pay for other fees like processing and utilities.

Secondly, this web based property management for tenants helps them submit maintenance requests. In case tenants want to request repairs or suggest improvements, they can simply use the system and email their concerns. This is a more efficient method because of the system’s real-time reporting that allows landlords to see what needs to be taken care of in the apartments. As a result, landlords will be able to program what needs to be done and address the problems accordingly. Thirdly, this web based property management for tenants allows them to keep a record of their transactions. This includes online rent payment, maintenance requests and other matters pertaining to the apartments. Because of its record-keeping device, tenants feel secure knowing that they have a copy of every business transaction complete with date, time, names and other significant information which can serve as evidence in case of problems. Lastly, this web based property management for tenants permit them to communicate better with the other tenants in the community. This is made possible with the system’s integration to a social networking site where residents can see names of other renters in the apartment community, chat with them and get to know them better.

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